North Beach


The State of Alaska has designated a Personal Use Fishery for the Kenai River within the City of Kenai. This fishery opens each year on July 10th and runs through the end of July. The City of Kenai provides a number of services to support this fishery including parking and camping on the beaches, restrooms and trash collection, and a boat dock with a 4 ramp boat launch. Fees are charged for most of these services.


Brief History:

In March 1996, the Board of Fisheries amended the Cook Inlet Personal Use Salmon Management Plan by liberalizing it and establishing a personal use fishery season for Alaska residents. The dipnet season is currently July 10 through July 31 and requires a personal use fishery permit.  Please familiarize yourself with current permit requirements and regulations, which may be found in the fishing regulation booklet published by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game Division of Sport Fish.  Permits may be obtained at most local vendors that sell sport fishing licenses.


Environmental and Social Impacts:

A significant increase in participation of this fishery has caused environmental and social issues such as litter problems, trespassing on private property, destruction of vegetated areas, fish waste on the beach, fire safety issues, and life safety issues.    The City of Kenai, the Alaska Department of Fish & Game’s Sport Fishing Division, the Alaska Department of Public Safety’s Alaska Wildlife Troopers, Kenai River Sport Fishing Association, Inc. (KRSA), and the Kenai Peninsula Borough have been working cooperatively to address these issues.



The City operates facilities that provide for camping and parking at various locations. In addition we also have a boat dock with a boat launch. For maps and detailed information select a location below:

Dipnet Fees:


Other Information: