Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  Who do I contact to get water services turned on or off?

A:  The Finance Department at 283-8228.


Q:  What activity within the City requires a work permit?

A:  Any new building over 120 square feet in floor area, any addition to an existing building, or any work involving new electrical, plumbing or mechanical.


Q:  Do I need a Burn Permit to burn materials within City limits?

A:  Yes, if you are going to burn brush or yard debris.  Small burn pits for cooking or warming in back yards do NOT require a permit.  Permits are available at the Fire Department or on our website.


Q:  How can I register to vote or update my voter registration?

A:  Voter Registration Applications may be obtained at the City Clerk's office or you can register to vote through the State of Alaska Division of Elections website.


Q:  Do I need a license or permit to do business within the City of Kenai?

A:  All business within the City are required to have a business license through the State of Alaska.  The City only issues licenses for Mobile Food Venders, Transient Merchants, and Vehicle's for Hire.


Q:  What is the CIty's sales tax?

A:  A toal of 6%, 3% City of Kenai and 3% Kenai Peninsula Borough.  A Sales Tax Certificate may be obtained throught the Kenai Peninsula Borough.