Business Watch

City of Kenai Business Watch Program


Business Watch is a crime prevention program that utilizes two-way fax communications between the business community and the Kenai Police Department. The program quickly and efficiently disseminates criminal and/or suspicious incident information of concern to Business Watch retailers that results in the reduction of thefts, embezzlement, fraud, and personal injury to employees of subscriber businesses.


Business Watch helps prepare businesses to deter crimes and prevent criminal acts before they occur. The program is also an avenue of communication for the business community to the Kenai Police Department, which serves to increase police awareness of criminal incidents and suspicious persons/activity in the City of Kenai.


Business Watch retailers are the eyes and ears of law enforcement in the business community and routinely fax crime information of which they become aware, whether or not it is of a commercial crime nature. This information is then disseminated from the Kenai Police Department to businesses via fax transmission. A voice line is used to directly warn a business if the Kenai Police Department determines an immediate need exists to prevent crime from occurring at a particular business.


Business Watch retailers are encouraged to call 911 or 283-7879 to notify the Kenai Police Department of information concerning crimes in progress, crimes about to be committed, or crimes where an immediate police response is needed to protect life and/or property.


For more information regarding the Business Watch Program, contact Sgt. McBride at 283-7879.